Create a 3 click facebook social ticketing experience

What We Do

Evento, a cloud-based event promotion over social media platform, enables fans to see which of their friends are attending events and where they are sitting, and to order tickets next to their friends, all within Facebook. Users may share with their friends that they are attending the event, and encourage them to join.

For Events

We do not replace the existing ticketing agency/system, but rather fully integrate into it. Create a 3 click Facebook social ticketing front-end and Increase ticket sales. Directly address and engage attending fans to promote additional ticket sales through cutting-edge social media experiences. Turn casual fans into their event’s ambassadors.

For Fans

Events are social so why shouldn’t your seat selection mirror this belief? Evento enables fans to not only see which of their friends are attending a particular event, but also find and purchase tickets next to the people that influence and share your passion. Whether it’s your favorite team, artist or event, your friends make the experience even more meaningful.